Fotografo : Raul Gori Wedding Photographer
Location : Astragalo
Bellezza Sposa : Stella Parrucchieri
Torta nuziale : Luxury Cake
Fioraio : Mimosa
Vestito Sposa : Come in una favola Livorno

Alessandro and Sara first met in 2003 in high school. She was the typical nice girl, with Silver shoes on her feet, and he was the alternative boy wearing a sweatshirt and baggy trousers. One day, during break, Alessandro went to Sara and ask her for her phone number on behalf of a friend who liked her. Anyway, that friend never got Sara’s number. Alessandro started to text her and to court her. Despite finding him intriguing and fascinating, it wasn’t love at first sight for her. After some time they met again in school, after classes, and started to talk face to face. From that moment on, Sara started to like him more and more and by seeing him more often she fully became aware of the person he was. One day, while they were talking in a classroom, he sitting on the teacher’s chair and she standing in front of him, she decided to sit on his lap and to kiss him. Shortly afterwards they started to go out with Alessandro’s group of friends and to see each other more often, until Sara became his girl on the 29th of March. From that moment on they grew up together, sharing every joy and sorrow that life naturally brings. One day Alessandro asked her to marry him and she answered yes in a heartbeat. After the various preparations, the wedding day finally arrived. The dressing of the bride took place at Villa Margherita in Quercianella, a hotel set in a beautiful stretch of coast with much greenery. The dressing of the groom, instead, took place in an apartment in Castiglioncello. After the dressing, the couple met to exchange their vows and celebrate their wedding at the Astragalo, a dream location overlooking the sea, with which they immediately fell in love; Letizia, the Astragalo owner, made their day even more perfect: she managed to fulfill their every wish, following and advising them in everything they needed. After the ceremony, the spouses and I went to take an external photography session in Quercetano Bay, capturing emotions and great views. Once finished the external photography session, the spouses joined their guests for the wedding reception, also at the Astragalo, with delicious and plentiful food. With the cutting of the cake a wonderful wedding day came to an end. My wish to the bride and groom is to always be happy and in love like that boy and that girl who met in school one day, many years ago.

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