Fotografo : Raul Gori Wedding Photographer
Make Up : Giulia Torromeo
Vestito Sposa : Le spose di Mori
Vestito Sposo : Montezemolo
Auto Del Matrimonio : Auto di Giotto
Decorazioni Floreali : G&G
Piante e Fiori Gioielli : Gioielleria Puccinelli
Musica : Giacomo Rossetti
Catering : Paola Picchi
Torta : Il Doretto di Mirko Rossi
Location : Villa il Ricrio
Chiesa : Pieve di Sant’Ilario

It was the 9th October 2016 when Daniele Zazzeri and Sara Lettieri’s story took life.
It was just a game at the beginning: they were friends, then they pretended to be cousins, they lost each other and they found each other again and again, because what united them was probably stronger than what divided them.
I met them for the first time at their home and I suddenly understood that there was a great chemistry between the two of them.
Their story has no filters, they always manage to tell each other both bad and good things, understanding each other with just one look. She’s kind of stubborn and she always makes her own way; he’s patient and brilliant and has always managed to soften her up and make her smile. The dressing of the groom took place at the family home, together with three friends and lot of laughter. Daniele wore a wonderful Montezemolo suit. A few minutes later, I went to the bride, for one of the most touching moments of the wedding day, both for the bride and the people close to her.
The ceremony was celebrated in the center of Bibbona, at Pieve di Sant’Ilario.
This is a particular church, with clear Gothic shapes. After the ceremony we took some shoots in the suggestive maze of alleys and medieval stone paved squares. Before going to the wedding reception, we couldn’t miss the chance to take some photos in the vineyard of the Ornellaia Estate, near Bolgheri.
The reception took place in Villa Ricrio, a location surrounded by the Tuscan hills, just steps away from Guardistallo.
Daniele and Sara chose this fabulous location, far from noises and traffic, in order to crown their dream of love, and they took care of every detail.
The catering managed by Paola Picchi was set up by the swimming pool with a delicious buffet, while the second courses were served indoors. Daniele and Sara, two wonderful people with great love in their heart, welcomed us to their wedding as we had been friends forever. 

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