Fotografo : Raul Gori Wedding Photographer
Wedding Planner e Organizzazione : Fabiana Vernetti di Maison D’ Eventi
Decorazione Floreale : Dario Benvenuti Florals & Weddings
Location Cerimonia : Parrocchia  S. Maria Assunta, Montescudaio ( Pi )
Auto : Le auto di Giotto
Bellezza Sposo : Supreme Barber Shop, Cecina
Bomboniere : Nozze Thun Shop, Livorno
Catering : Progetto Matrimonio, Lucca
Location Ricevimento : Castello di Castagneto Carducci
Torta Nunziale : Dolce Vita, Cecina

These are Paolo and Flavia, a couple who decided to rely on my photo study for their special day, during which they have crowned their dream of love with a wedding that has been as elegant as it was emotional.
Paolo and Flavia met at the gym in 2016 and immediately felt something for each other. In September of that year, Paolo decided to organize a party for his dog’s birthday and to invite, strangely enough, Flavia too. Nice try, you’ll say… yes, I think so too.
From that moment on they started to often speak to each other and on the 11th of November, under the watchful and ancient eye of the oak of Bolgheri, they shared their first magical kiss.

Needless to say that from that day on, they have never been apart and, as in modern fairy tales, after a few months they decided to move in together. In a while, from those first days of living together in February 2017, we shift to April, when on a day that started like any other, they had an unexpected and wonderful surprise: Flavia found out she was pregnant. Months went by and they were every day more eager to see and hold their baby. Finally, on the 5th of December, Niccolò came to the world and opened his eyes for the first time in front of mum’s and dad’s moved face. Almost two years went by and their wedding day came. For his dressing the groom chose the Barber Shop in Cecina and in a fun atmosphere he, his father, his best friend and his best men let themselves be pampered and had their hair and beard done.

The dressing of the bride, instead, took place in Cecina Marina.

The ceremony was celebrated in the Church of S. Maria Assunta in Montescudaio, a beautiful church with a wonderful panoramic sight, with the commotion of the guests of this great wedding. After a stop to take some beautiful shots in Bolgheri, the couple joined their guests, who were waiting for them at the wedding reception, at the Castle of Castagneto Carducci. The castle is surrounded by a medieval village. Both of them are very typical and offer several glimpses from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of the countryside and the sea. All over the village there is an air of poetry, art and history. The wedding caterer was set up by Progetto Matrimonio, a company situated in Lucca that did an excellent work under every aspect, especially as regards the good and abundant food, which met every guest’s needs. The reception came to an end with the cutting of the cake, made by the bakery Dolce Vita in Cecina.

Fabiana Vernetti from Maison d’Eventi took care of every detail of the wedding, managed everything impeccably and succeeded in making the couple’s dreams come true and their day magical. I wish to this couple to be happy and lighthearted as they were on their wedding day and I hope that their story will last forever, as in fairy tales.

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