Fotografo : Raul Gori Wedding Photographer
Location Cerimonia :  Comune di Pisa
Bomboniere di nozze : Lando Sassetti
Auto del matrimonio : Auto d’Epoca di Chicca Sonia
Animazione : Le caricature del Buffo
Catering | Organizzazione Matrimonio : Pana Ideas
Torta Nunziale : Zucchero a velo
Location Ricevimento : Fattoria Il Canone, Via Aurelia, 38 ( Vada )

We all know that most brides pray and keep checking religiously the weather during the weeks and days before their wedding, crossing their fingers and hoping that it will be sunny on their wedding day. This event is certainly the most special day of a couple’s life, but sometimes something which wasn’t planned at all happens. Luca and Karen had planned a sunny ceremony and a warm reception, but they had a stormy downpour. Anyway, everything was perfect.

And then you know: “wet bride, lucky bride”. I wish to this couple, that had to fight distance for years, to have a lot of luck and I hope that their love is born under a blessed star, in order to keep them as happy and in love as they are now. Luca, who left in 2014 for a six-month shift and stationed in a military base in the United Arab Emirates, had some physical problems and turned to a medical institution operating in that area, where he was lucky enough to meet Karen, a girl from Baguio City, in the Philippines, who had lived in Dubai for a few years. In this period the two of them frequently met, becoming closer and closer, and decided to start dating. But after two months, when Luca finished his shift, he had to come back to Italy.

Despite the distance, they kept in touch for four long years, seeing each other whenever it was possible, even though for short periods of time. After having resolved some problems with Karen’s visa, Luca and his family welcomed her in Italy. Shortly after that, they decided to get married, in order to crown their dream of love and to let her live in Italy in peace after years of long distance.

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