Wedding, Como Lake Italy

Raul Gori Wedding Photographer

I would like to say something about this couple to let you understand who they are: Adele and Manuel met in October 2007 thanks to a great passion they share: Latin American Dance.

They took up dancing together and after a while they got engaged. It has been love at first sight for both of them and a year later they gave birth to Alice, their firstborn who is 11 years old now, and then to Daniel, 7 years old, and to Gabriel, 4 and a half years old.

Few places are enchanting as the city of Lecco, situated on the shores of Lake Como, where the NH Pontevecchio four-star hotel is located.

The Villa Confalonieri Mandello del Lario, where the photo shoot took place, was built in 1913 by Confalonieri, who was twenty-five at that time, in order to settle down there with his wife, the Countess Sebregondi.

For almost eighty years the Villa was the residence of this noble family, later it became house for receptions and then it was also equipped to accommodate travelers from all over the world.

My dream is to become a destination wedding photographer.

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