Fotografo : Raul Gori Wedding Photographer
Musica : Dj Evo & Cantante Giulia Betti
Bellezza Sposa : Solanita di Veronica Barinci
Parrucchiera : Jessica Falco , Elisir ( Portoferraio , Isola Dell’ Elba )
Vestito da Sposa : Atelier di Giada Ghini
Partecipazioni : Creative Stamperia Venturina.
Decorazione Floreale : Fioridea Venturina .
Location Cerimonia : Chiesa di Santa Croce , Populonia
Torta : Pasticceria Pecchia Follonica.
Catering : Il Calidario Terme Etrusche
Location Ricevimento : Il Calidario Terme Venturina

Here we are, I am very excited to publish this new report of two truly fantastic spouses, Dario and Martina.

As a destination wedding photographer, last winter I had the opportunity to try new techniques and to change my point of view on photography.
As fate would have it, this wedding created the perfect atmosphere, a fantastic couple, an intimate wedding, a castle by the sea, the Tuscan countryside and an enchanting location.
It’s not a matter of self-complacency, but doing the best for my clients is what makes me happy and I’m glad about this achievement.
This couple is very young and decided to celebrate their wedding at the small Church of Santa Croce in Populonia, in the medieval village that overlooks the vast Gulf of Baratti. After the ceremony, we walked up to the majestic Castle of Populonia through a very steep stair.
It was tiring, but definitely worth it. We were lucky enough to have a breathtaking sunset and we took some shoots on the tower, from where you can enjoy an astonishing view of the coast and the Tuscan Archipelago.

The party continued in the beautiful location of Calidario Terme in Venturina.


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